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Bacardi Brings the Bar to You

Bacardi launced a new service in the UK that brings the bar to your home, office or bar(?). The service, dubded Bacardi Bespoke is “a prestige service for the House party generation.

All those involved, from the Mixology team to the DJs and production designers, are leaders in their fields. And most importantly weve got you, our party hosts.”

We didn’t register so I don’t know what kinda scratch it takes to get these guys … Read more

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How Many Cocktails?

I was up late last night watching this show “Secret Life of… Cocktails“, a great history of cocktails. If you get a chance it is worth the 30 minutes.

The part of the show for me is when they were theorizing on how many cocktail recipes are out there? Hundreds, Thousands, Millions? Someone tried to figure out the number of cocktail combinations that could be made out of the ingredients at your average bar.

The … Read more

Jose Cuervo – National Flavors Day

Did anyone hear about this? Not only has Cuervo introduced flavored Tequila (Yes, another sign of the apocalypse), but they named a day after it.

To celebrate, Cuervo hired a bunch of “models” painted them Green, Blue or Orange and let them loose on the streets on Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco. Green represented Cirtrico, Lime flavored Tequila, Blue – Tropino, Pineapple Tequila and Orange for Oranjo, which is of course Orange flavored.

See some … Read more

We Love Burritos

    Here in California we take Cinco de Mayo and Burritos seriously. We love them so much there are not one, but 3 blogs dedicated to the burrito.

Check ’em out and vote for your favorite Burrito. Mine is Taqueria Azteca in Antonoi’s Nut House Bar in Palo Alto, CA. The best carnitas on either side of the boarder. As soon as I lern how, I’ll post a map.… Read more

The Bourbon Trail

Going to the Derby? Explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Visit 6 distilleries that are close by to Louisville. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail also includes the best Central Kentucky has to offer including the Kentucky State Capitol, the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History and many famous horse farms in the rolling bluegrass country are nearby.

– Buffalo Trace
– Four Roses
– Heaven Hill
– Jim Beam
– Marker’s Mark
– Wild Turkey

Kentucky Distillers’ … Read more

Drink a mint julep, save a horse

Churchill Downs will sell 50 special mint juelps at this year’s Kentucky Derby for $1,000 each, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

This, of course, will be no ordinary mint julep. The cocktail will be made with one of the world’s best bourbons, produced by Woodford Brands, and served in a gold-plated cup with a silver straw. The mint will be brought in from Morocco, the ice … Read more

Hot Toddy Helps Asthma

A nice reader sent us this wonderful note:

“You guys are truly life savers. My father is 75 years old with severe asthma. He is Irish and remembered a drink called a Hot Toddy that his grandmother used to make when he was sick. I typed in Hot Toddy and there you were. He is sleeping soundly and his wheezing has stopped. He is breathing easy.Thank you so much for being there…”

– Marilyn

Of … Read more

New Drinks

A bunch of new recipes sent to us by our awesome readers. Try ’em and lets us know what you think.

Magic Cooler
Punch in the Stomach
Humid in H-town
Orange Bomber
Tucson Martini
Dr. Peter Venkman

And our favorite, the One-Cheek Sneak—guaranteed to make you fart. Great for April Fools!

Thanks, everyone. Keep ’em coming!… Read more

Yay, FDR!

This Day in History: 1933 FDR legalizes sale of beer and wine. This was the first step in the repeal of our most dubious experiment, prohibition. 

Can we get a w00t?… Read more

New York City Bar Map

This awesome tool is has over 1600 bars listed in New York City. It is combined with a handy NYC subway, which certainly makes bar hopping easy. Brought to you by the nice folks at New York On Tap.

New York City Bar / Subway Map

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43 Things,  New York City Bars… Read more

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