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Beer Lover’s Bash

The Brewery Collectibles Club of America just had its annual CANvention in Kansas City. Beer Can collectors from all over the work converged on the Midwestern town for Blues, BBQ and of course checking out each other’s beer can collections. This is a serious hobby for some, with a recent can fetching $23,000 on eBay. Over 800 people attended this year’s festivities.

Read the article on Newsvine.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America,… Read more

Wine for Dummies

For those of us who know nothing about wines, here is your salvation. This robot developed by NEC and Mie University in Japan can help… for the price of a new car. OK, so it is a work in progress, the makers hope to get the cost below $1000, but this little guy is AWESOME. This robot scans wines, cheeses and other foods with hisleft arm, reading the reflected light to “taste” the wine. It … Read more

The Bacardi Mojito

Taking it’s name for the African word “mojo” or “little spell,” the Mojito has its roots in from the time’s of Sir Francis Drake. One of his sailors invented a drink named the Draque, made with an early form of rum called Aquardiente, sugar, lime and mint. The drink was widely use for medical purposes in Havana. When Don Facundo Bacardi Masso began distilling his famous rum, he altered the Draque and it became the … Read more

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Breath Alcohol Calculator

This online tool, from Intoximeters, calculates your blood alcohol level based on number and type of drink, your weight, gender and number of hours since imbibing. This isn’t a license to drink and drive—NEVER DO THAT—but rather a fun experiment while drinking with friends. The are no guarantees that this is accurate, so don’t email me with a sob story about how you got a DUI. Just don’t drink and drive. Play with this at … Read more

The Beer Cannon

Milwaukee’s Best Light have made some great vidoes buy building a cannon that launches cans of beer (MBL of course) at all sorts of objects. I’m not really sure why they have a dartboard-like background as no one is keeping score. However, these guys are geniuses, launching beers at everything from a cantaloupe to a TV. AWESOME!

The Beer Cannon reminds me of days when David Letterman would through stuff off a building, I miss … Read more


This new/old man born of Hollywood includes Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and Jim Belushi among alpha-male, anti-metrosexual stars. What does this have to do with cocktails? Everything…

According to MSNBC, a “‘retrosexual’ is a manly man, an alpha male who may have the physique of a Shar-Pei dog (a little wrinkly and flabby, yet endearing), the manners of a 5-year-old (the kind who makes armpit farting noises at the dinner table) and the ability to … Read more


One of the better uses of Google Maps API. This site has takes maps of about 20 American and pinpoints brewpubs, beer bars (as opposed to my beloved cocktail bar), homebrew stores, beer stores and breweries in town and the region. It’s color coded to boot.

If you are a beer lover and in a strange city, this site will help you at least help you find some good beer.… Read more

Men Can Drink More Alcohol than Women Can

According to 20/20, this is not just a sexist myth. Men are biologically better equipped to drink more than women. Take that ladies. 😉

Turns out us guys have more of an enzyme in the lining of our stomachs that, when it sees alcohol, begins to metabolize it immediately. This means that only about ½ of the alcohol men drink gets into the blood stream. Ain’t science fun? Thanks, John Stossel!

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Vodka Lake

Can you imagine a lake full of vodka? Sounds better than Snakes on a Plane. Well, it was reality recently in Poland, where a leak at a distillery in the town of Wielkopolska made a local lake almost 30% vodka. Almost as strong as a regular bottle and 3 times that of wine.

The townsfolk have flocked to the lake filling whatever they can find with the lake. Says one 71 year old resident, … Read more

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Turkey Cannon

This is the grilling product of the summer. This contraption allows you to easily make “beer can” chicken or turkey.

The Turkey Cannon elevates the bird with a cylinder filled with the beverage of your beer, wine, liquor, even soda of your liking. I’m thinking bourbon infused turkey, chicken with all kinds of wine and beer and maybe even duck grilled with a nice raspberry lambic.

Turkey Cannon… Read more

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