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Last Minute Masks

SF Gate has some cool, last minute masks if you are lame like me and can’t get a real costume together. Why bother with characters like “Mao Ze Tounge,” “15 Minutes of Fame,” and “Game Face.”

Created by Chronicle Staffers and Local Bay Area Artists, these masks come with easy printable instructions and tips for what else to wear with them. Any of this clever dozen are sure conversation starters. They may even mask you … Read more Video Contest is holding a video contest. The competition is calling for people to pick up their cameras and mobile phones and start shooting a video around fine spirits such as gin, single malt, vodka, etc! We will able to watch the video as the contest entries roll in.

The winner will receive a membership in the Ladybank Company of Distillers Club ( Membership in this club receive 6 exclusive single malts a year for the … Read more

Rock Hard – Think Pink

Every Rocktober The Hard Rock Cafe helps raise awareness for breast cancer with Rocktoberfest featuring some of the most rockin’ female acts around. This year’s event kicked off in Orlando with the Go-Go’s. Awesome.

The Hard Rock is also featuring pink drinks featuring their famous Cosmo, the Blush Martini, Rub Red and the Pink Sunset. We have this recipe, We’ll get the others for you to enjoy at home.

To commemorate in Hard Rock tradition … Read more

Captain Your Halloween

Captain Morgan is trying to help all us Halloween lameos (you kno who you are) not make such a huge mistake this year. Well, at least they can help in the costume department.

The Captain has assembled 5 great costumes that are witty and hip. The is a Ventian Blind, 1st Class Male, Little White Lies, Hold the Mustard and Deviled Egg (pictured here)

Ranging from $30–$40 these costumes will make you a hero, not … Read more

Key West Fantasy Fest 2006

Having spent some time in Key West and being a big Halloween fan, this annual fall festival is incredible. Fantasy Fest has all the best of Mardi Gras, good music, great food and lots of drinks all with a cool tropical Halloween theme.

Fantasy Fest began back in 1978, when Joe Liszka, President of the County Tourism Board, noticed the perfect weather and lack of any tourists at all.So they did what folks in the … Read more

Milwaukee Parties Hardest

Forbes Magazine recently ranked the Nations metros on a five point scale for partying and it turns out Milwaukee, Wisconsin is tops when is comes to drinking and having fun. In fact 4 out of the top 5 are in the Midwest, proving that the heartland rocks. This really comes as no surprise to me, having spent two wonderful, partially inebriated years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The School is consistently ranked as … Read more

Ice Jacket

This is one of the coolest inventions I’ve seen in a while. The Ice Jacket quickly encases a bottle of vodka or other beverage in a sheet of ice. Once removed from the freezer, it even has a nice stand, which catches the melting ice. Once I get my hands on one of these things I will let you all know how cold the vodka gets!

From [via]… Read more

Diageo Tests Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in 12-Ounce Cans

Diageo, the spirit giant, is testing mixed cocktails in 12-oz cans. These drinks are about the same alcohol content as beer and sport real booze, not clear malt. 

The Tampa-area test involves four brands: Captain Morgan and cola, Smirnoff vodka and lemon-lime soda, George Dickel whisky and cola, and Seagram’s 7 American Whiskey and lemon-lime soda.

So far, sales have been strong and retailers are pleased. Canned cocktails have been popular in Europe and Australia, … Read more

Drinking Pays

Men 10%, women 14%. That’s how much more money people who drink and socialize in bars earn compared to their teetotaling counterparts. Makes sense, alcohol is the great social lubricant.

Social Lubrication = Getting Business Done

Accoding to Edward Stringham, an economics professor at San Jose State University, “Social drinking builds social capital.” This just reaffirms the old saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” and the people you want to Read more

The Last Real Tiki Bar

Annette Nahinu, owner of La Mariana, sits by the bar area with her dog, Bombay. Everything’s for sale, she says, for $3 million.

GREGORY YAMAMOTO | The Honolulu Advertiser

Long after the other classic Hawaii bars turned off their taps and put away their blenders, the La Mariana Yacht Club has served as the louche outpost for tiki culture mavens and those craving a sense of old Hawaii. In fact, proprietress Annette Nahinu bought up … Read more

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