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Last Call! An Anthology of Drinking Quotes

Very good collection of drinking quotes from luminaries like Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and Billy Carter. They have also pulled together some classic drinking quotes from the movies. And if that is not enough, we have even more drinking quotes for you to enjoy and borrow.

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The Kegulator

This tool at is key for planning a any party. The site is simple and easy to use. Next party I have, I’ll be testing the Kegulator out. For 100 people it suggests 4 kegs, 120 cups and 177 pounds of ice.

What is really cool about the Kegulator is the sliders, which let you choose the degree to which your guest willl be drinking. Based on you estimates, the site adjust the amounts … Read more

Lazydrinker Automatic Drink Mixer

Want a cocktail, but don’t feel like mixing drinks? Well, now you can have the aptly-named “Lazydrinker” do it for you. The Lazydrinker looks like a normal ice chest, but in reality it is a computer-controlled drink mixing wonder. Each unit, which retails for about $450, can hold 16 ingredients which are precisely mix according to the recipe. The computer’s recipe database has over 5,000 drinks, so you can try something different every day for … Read more

Baileys Drinkable Desserts Challenge – The Winners

The results of the Baileys Drinkable Desserts Challenge are in!

Dennis Frisk from New Castle, PA was chosen as the amateur winner and Jessica Taylor from Indianapolis, IN was chosen as the professional winner of the nationwide challenge. The contest was based on one of 2007’s rising trends, drinkable desserts.

Mr. Frisk and Ms. Taylor used their creativity and love for mixing it up to turn a favorite dessert into something fabulous and drinkable.

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Do Yourself A Favor And Have A Beer, Dammit

More and more scientific studies are saying that drinking quality craft brews has a plethora of health benefits. Benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, increased bone density, and may even provide B vitamins. So, in addition to making people prettier, more charming, and funnier—at least to themselves—beer has real health benefits. It is inportant to point out that these benefits can be cancelled out by over consumption, so don’t think that drink a 12 … Read more

Beer-Launching Fridge

For the guy who has everything. This mini-fridge keeps beer icy cold and can accurately deliver it anywher in the room. Who doesn’t need this?

Watch the video:

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Happy Fat Tuesday: Top 10 Alcohol & Boobie Related Gadgets

To celebrate, the fine folks over at Gizmodo have put together their top 10 alcohol and boobie (sorry ladies) gadgets. This list includes such favorites as the Godzilla Beer Dispenser, a neat accessory that turns your iPod into a breathalizer, and a Beer Tap Backpack.

What a perfect list for Mardi Gras, well know for it’s booze driven partying, parades and beads for boobies exchanges. I hope I have enough beads to get the soap … Read more

Drink Stock Market

Imagine your favorite drink actually getting cheaper as the evening progresses. At the Trader Bar, in Melbourne, Austrailia that is exactly what can happen. Over the course of the night drink prices fluctuate like stocks on the NYSE. Prices are reset every 5–10 minutes depending on demand, the more popular the drink the higher the price. Depending on your fancy you are sure to pick up a bargain or two.

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Suck & Blow

The perfect Valentine’s treat!

The Suck & Blow is a fun new way for people to share jello shots. Invented by Doug Hamer of South Carolina, the S&B, as it is known, is a jello shot encased in a six inch tube. What results is unabated, sexy fun. Two drinkers suck and blow to get the shot out of the tube. What a great ice breaker.

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7 geeky gifts your girl will love this Valentine's Day

Appeal to her inner Geek this Valentines Day.
Here are 7 geeky gifts you can’t go wrong buying.

– Digital Phot Frame
– Laser Star Projector
– iPod Shuffle
– HD DVD Player
– Motorola Red Product Phone
– Pedicure Foot Spa
– Garmin Street Pilot

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