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Water Cocktails

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One of the hottest trends this year has been Water Cocktails!  You may ask, what is a water cocktail?  I had that same question when I first heard the term.  My first thoughts were fancy new mineral waters or water bars set up ala oxygen bars (if you have been to Vegas, you know what I am talking about).  Instead, water cocktails involve the use of water as an infusion for cocktails or as a … Read more

Highlights from Tales of the Cocktail 2012

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This past week marked the 10th installment of New Orleans mixology orgy, Tales of the Cocktail. It is by far the largest celebration of cocktail culture in the country. Tales (as it called by ‘vets’) is a who’s who of bartenders, journalists and brands. It is a wonderland for up and coming barterers and enthusiasts.

We spent a whirl wind 72 hours in New Orleans, camping at the famed Roosevelt Hotel rather than Tales HQ, … Read more

Bitter Truth

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How a cure-all became a cocktail component
By Carly Wray

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It’s 1820. A German doctor sets out for Venezuela to join Simon Bolivar’s fight against Spain. It’s not long before he’s Surgeon General, manning a military hospital and overseeing the casualties, not just of war, but of tropical diseases. Chills, sea sickness. Ravaging disorders. And it’s not much longer before he conjures a cure: Angostura bitters.

In the end, … Read more