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Rum Old Fashioned

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Inspired by a delicious rum that brings to mind a scotch, today’s drink is a Rum Old Fashioned. We’ve reviewed Brugal 1888 and found it to be a sipping rum complex enough to please whiskey aficionados. So why not try it in the ultimate whiskey drink?

Adding a little sugar and bitters to Brugal 1888 draws out the sweet notes while maintaining the rum’s deep smoky and spicy flavors. I highly recommend you get your … Read more

Brugal Soirée

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As you may have seen from other posts on the site this week, it was a Brugal week as Brugal stormed San Francisco to launch Brugal 1888. Brugal 1888 is a new rum from the folks at Brugal that offers a Rum done in a Scotch style. I know it sounds a little weird but it truly does work.

Brugal 1888 was the invention of Don Gustavo Brugal, a fifth-generation master distiller within the Brugal … Read more

Brugal 1888 Rum Review

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This week has been the week of Brugal rum for us—an intensive tasting and then a soirée. We can’t say that we minded as it gave us a couple of opportunities to try this outstanding new entrant into the rum market.

Brugal 1888 is the newest offering from Brugal Rums, a distillery out of the Dominican Republic, that was interestingly enough founded in 1888. Brugal 1888 isn’t your ordinary rum; as Brugal proclaims, this is … Read more