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Kentucky Cocktail

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American Sweetheart

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Bourbon Sidecar

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Brooklyn Cocktail

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Mr. Manhattan

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This one will get you to the the endzone!… Read more

Kentucky Champagne Cocktail

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Cherries Jubilee Champagne Cocktail

It’s time to celebrate with a champagne cocktail! What are you celebrating? That’s up to you. But here’s the drink to do it with. It is like a Manhattan meets a champagne cocktail. If that sounds good to you, get those cherries ready.… Read more

How to Read a Bourbon Label

From the recent Nightclub and Bar Show in Vegas, Jim Beam’s Bobby G. teaches us how to read a bourbon label and the finer points of what makes a whiskey Bourbon:

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Pearaschino Bourbon Cocktail

Bourbon, pear and cherry … seriously, how can you go wrong with those flavors?

When you see maraschino liqueur in the ingredients, don’t think of those neon-red cherries that never go bad! It’s actually a liqueur made from real cherries, pit and all, that has a light nutty flavor.… Read more

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