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Purple Drank, the Anti-Energy Drink

Drink makers are capitalizing on the the underground phenomenon, Purple Drank, with this anti-energy drink. It’s not the drink containing promethazine-codeine.

This Drank is a grape flavored concoction with a touch of with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. I have absolutely no idea what these things are or what they do, but the creator says they calm folks down.

They say it works, especially when mixed with vodka. With the tag line “slow your … Read more

London Tube Drinkfest

June 1st marked the end of legal drinking on the London Underground. Bummer. Upset about this turn of events, at least 50,000 protesters stormed the Tube to ride the trains for one last drunken time. Several stations around London had to be closed due to overcrowding and all around drunken “mayhem.”

See the mayhem set to “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. Why not?

Tube drinks party sparks mayhem [BBC]… Read more

The Ultimate Scotch Lovers Trip

Perfect for Father’s Day, Chivas Regal is offering a once in a lifetime journey to Scotland for two. The $120,000 week-long trip includes:

    First class airfare, helicopter and ground transportation
    Lodging, a private mansion with a full-service staff, world-class hospitality
    Privately prepared meals from one of Scotland’s most acclaimed chefs
    A round of golf at the World famous St. Andrew’s Link
    An intimate dinner with the Duke of Argyll at his home, Inveraray Castle (a

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How to Build a Still (A Legal One, Duh)

It is illegal to distill spirits in the US with out a commercial license. So we don’t recommend trying this at home. Still, how cool would it be to make your own vodka, whiskey or just about anything you can think of right in your own backyard. Way more impressive that your homebrewing neighbor? So 1990s. A boy can dream.

Anyway, if you do live someplace where it is legal or have a license, Instructables … Read more

Best of the Green Web – Distilleries

We were asked to write a post about sustainable distilling practices for “The Best of the Green Web,” a collection of post about sustainability, climate change and green initiatives.

Contributing to the site are some of the best on the web including Boing Boing, Makezine & Notcot. The site is a treasure trove info, green ideas and over sustainable goodness.

Read my article about sustainable distilling practices on The Best of the Green Web.… Read more

States Consider Lower Drinking Age

Seven States are considering lowering the drinking age. Proponents in Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Vermont feel that if young men & women can serve in Iraq, they should be able to have a drink as well.

This has some feathers ruffled at MADD and of course there would be the loss of federal highway funds. That may be a dealbreaker, but you can bet that 18-year-olds in those seven states … Read more


Boston Says No to Bottle Service

In a reversal of the fast-growing trend, Boston has banned bottle service.

Most people see bottle service with VIP treatment at a hot club in a big city a special treat and a perk of being able to afford spendy bottles of booze. But one Boston official disagrees and is cracking down on the clubs that offer bottle service to their clients. His argument? That the price of the bottle causes patrons to feel they

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Derby Day Omakase

Today marks the 134 running of the Kentucky Derby, the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. To celebrate, we have links from around the web.

    The official Kentucky Derby Site – News, Videos and Wagering
    The Early Times Mint Julep – the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby
    Kentucky Derby Cocktails from Crown Royal
    Our Mint Julep Recipe
    7 things you should know about the Kentucky Derby
    How read the racing form

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Dr. Dre Cognac

Thank God it’s Friday! Dr. Dre is in the liquor biz and it is about time. Dre has partnered with Drinks Americas, of Trump Vodka fame, to produce a line of spirits and mixers.

First out of the gate will be Dr. Dre Cognac, straight out of Compton. Kidding, actually it is a fine cognac from France. Plans are in the works for a tequila and vodka as well.

Drinks Americas [via Luxist]… Read more

Rattle Snake Vodka

An interesting article I recently wrote up for Dethroner:

Forget the worm, this bottle of vodka has a 10 inch rattler stewing. Earlier this week Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents seized 411 bottles of Rattle Snake infused vodka at Bayou Bob’s Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch in Texas. Apparently, Bob didn’t have a license to sell booze. Oops.

TABC officials said alcohol-containing snakes and scorpions are popular in Asian cultures. An Internet search found operations selling

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