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Cool Blue Drinks For Hanukkah

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Tonight will be the fourth of the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah. We highly recommend indulging in blue cocktails for the nights that remain. You might ask why blue drinks for Hanukkah or why is blue one of the colors of Hanukkah? We searched the internet and found an explanation that we liked. There was no consensus on why blue. A number of people attributed it to the Israeli flag. But, the explanation that we … Read more


Courtesy of City Bar, Madison, WI.… Read more

Electric Martini

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Blue Hawaii

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So good Elvis sang its tune!Read more


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Blue Voodoo Doll

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Blue Hawaiian

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An old favorite. Conjure up a Waikiki happy hour anywhere! … Read more

Blue Curacao – What Is It?

Q: What is blue curaçao?

A: Blue Curaçao is an orange-flavored liqueur made from curaçao oranges and then colored blue. The clear version of curaçao is commonly called triple sec. Curaçao comes in many other colors as well.… Read more