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How To Get Free Drinks

The English video series “The Real Hustle” demonstrates two bar tricks that could get you a few freebies. Of course, use this power wisely and make sure your opponent hasn’t seen these videos:

Part One, The Hat Trick

Part Two, Geometry Lesson

More video… 

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Hangover Helper – Mexican Food & Red Beers

This comes from reader Antoinette.

Food: Spicy homemade green pork chile or, if you can handle it, Mexican stew with hominy/tripe. If not, posole (Mexican stew with hominy/pork). Both with lots of hot crushed red pepper, diced onion, oregano and a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy with tortillas. MMM.

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food! It does the trick every time!

Drink: Similar to the bloody mary, but with beer… RED BEERS! Made with Clamato … Read more

Black Velvet

This week’s drink comes to use from the nice people at Guinness. This drink adds a bit of holiday sophistication to perfection that is a freshly poured Guinness. Adding champagne gives this Irish classic just a hint of fruity sweetness. Truly a fine way to toast the holiday season. Brilliant!

    Onto the drink…

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Beer Lover’s Bash

The Brewery Collectibles Club of America just had its annual CANvention in Kansas City. Beer Can collectors from all over the work converged on the Midwestern town for Blues, BBQ and of course checking out each other’s beer can collections. This is a serious hobby for some, with a recent can fetching $23,000 on eBay. Over 800 people attended this year’s festivities.

Read the article on Newsvine.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America,… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Flaming Dr. Pepper

This is a classic. I don’t spend enough time on beer drinks, but this is one of the best. Any recipe that can make skanky beer tast like Dr. Pepper is a winner in my book.


Onto the drink…… Read more

The Beer Cannon

Milwaukee’s Best Light have made some great vidoes buy building a cannon that launches cans of beer (MBL of course) at all sorts of objects. I’m not really sure why they have a dartboard-like background as no one is keeping score. However, these guys are geniuses, launching beers at everything from a cantaloupe to a TV. AWESOME!

The Beer Cannon reminds me of days when David Letterman would through stuff off a building, I miss … Read more

One of the better uses of Google Maps API. This site has takes maps of about 20 American and pinpoints brewpubs, beer bars (as opposed to my beloved cocktail bar), homebrew stores, beer stores and breweries in town and the region. It’s color coded to boot.

If you are a beer lover and in a strange city, this site will help you at least help you find some good beer.… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Headquarters

Tons of cool Irish & Guinness stuff:

 Guinness Irish Stout: Beer screensavers, ads, pictures,posters and the brewery… Read more

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