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Beer-Pouring Robot

The latest from Japan, the land of wacky cool drinking products comes the Asahi Beer Poring Robot. Features include:

    Stores and refrigerates 6 cans
    Programmable voice (male, female, or custom)
    Cleaning mode
    Child lock says it may take 3 minutes to pour the beer, but it’s a ROBOT! WAY COOL!

Check out the video:

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Beer Bong 2.0: BongXedo

BongXedo takes the old plastic funnel and tube you picked up at the local science supply shop and updates it for the 21st Century. Wearable, the BarXedo is almost like a beer bong vest. Liquor Snob calls it very “Tron” like, and who didn’t like Tron? It sports dual funnels, a de-foamer (fancy!), and delivers beer rapidly in a portable package that draws some looks. All for about $40 bucks.

Liquor Snob [via Gizmodo]… Read more

Sponsor Spotlight – Lemon Your Widmer

Widmer (one of the best Hefeweizens around) has a great new video site that features 3 young ad guys, lemons and lots of good beer.

The theme: How many ways can we get a wedge of lemon in to a glass of Widmer? What happens are a serious of creative and hilarious videos, ever thing from roller coaster to golf clubs, that deliver the fruit to the glass. You are all are encouraged to submit … Read more

Top 21 Innovations in Beer

Jeremy from explores the latest in beer. This fun list covers a few thing mentioned here, like the beer launching fridge (video) and the Milwaukee’s Best Light Beer Cannon (more video).

Cool new products include temperature sensitive labels from Coors, so you know when your beer is cold. A must when drinking Coors! There is also a Beer-Milk, a beer for Dogs, so Spot is not left out during the game and my favorite, … Read more

Sponsor Spotlight – Wine Library TV

My first experience with Wine Library and Gary Vaynerchuk, its energetic Director of Operations, was on a snowy Friday afternoon just before St. Patrick’s Day. I made my way to Penn Station and onto the first train to Seacaucus, New Jersey. My associate met me there and we finished the rest of our journey to the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ. The impressive structure is truly a monument to the enjoyment of wines from all … Read more

Drinking Guinness with Your Phone

Imagine needing a Guinness (this happens often at DOTW) and finding it with your phone. That’s what mobile marketing company Naviblog and drinks maker Diageo had in mind, when they released “Guinness Navi” yesterday: a service that allows you to find your nearest Guinness-serving pub by just clicking on your phone. The service is available only in Tokyo for right now, apparently.

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Irish Guy

This week, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we bring you a wonderful combination of to Irish classics, Guinness and Baileys. Reader jmccarti swears it tastes great even though it sounds a bit gross. With these two ingredients, how could it be bad!… Read more

The Kegulator

This tool at is key for planning a any party. The site is simple and easy to use. Next party I have, I’ll be testing the Kegulator out. For 100 people it suggests 4 kegs, 120 cups and 177 pounds of ice.

What is really cool about the Kegulator is the sliders, which let you choose the degree to which your guest willl be drinking. Based on you estimates, the site adjust the amounts … Read more

Do Yourself A Favor And Have A Beer, Dammit

More and more scientific studies are saying that drinking quality craft brews has a plethora of health benefits. Benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, increased bone density, and may even provide B vitamins. So, in addition to making people prettier, more charming, and funnier—at least to themselves—beer has real health benefits. It is inportant to point out that these benefits can be cancelled out by over consumption, so don’t think that drink a 12 … Read more

Beer-Launching Fridge

For the guy who has everything. This mini-fridge keeps beer icy cold and can accurately deliver it anywher in the room. Who doesn’t need this?

Watch the video:

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