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Happy Hanukkah

Light the candles, spin the dreidel …

What are we gonna celebrate with?

He’brew “The Chosen Beer” what else?

This east meets west brand originated and is based in our hometown of San Francisco, but is brewed in New York City. They make several beers including a Pomegranate Ale, the Flag Ship “Genesis Ale”, Rye Based Double IPA, a brown Ale and the annual limited release “Jewbelation” now in it’s 11th incarnation.

The great thing … Read more

450 Kegs Stolen from Guinness


“Ireland’s national police force, the Garda Siochana, announced the nationwide manhunt earlier today. A lone man drove into the brewery Wednesday and hitched a fully loaded beer trailer to his truck, driving away with 180 kegs of Guinness stout, 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 kegs of Danish beer Carlsberg. Guinness brews the latter two under license.

The kegs held the equivalent of 39,600 British pints and they had a value of about $235,000, … Read more

Guinness Surger

Guinness Brewmaster Fergal Murray launched the latest technology from Guinness’ the Surger Unit. An event took place at ESPN Zone in Times Square. Fergal was joined by former Dallas Cowboy Daryl “Moose” Johnson to serve pints with proceeds going to RADD, the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety. The Guinness Surger Unit enables you to get a perfect pint every time, everywhere.

At the touch of a button, the new Surger unit uses small sound … Read more

Holiday Survival Guide

This Holiday season, the folks at Newcastle Brown Ale enlisted noted TV chef  “Sam the Cooking Guy“ (a.k.a. Sam Zien) to author a Holiday Survival Guide. Known for his edgy, humorous no muss, no fuss approach to cooking, Sam gives holiday entertainers all the ammo they need to prepare spicy cocktails, barbecued turkey, Newcastle-infused dessert and much more.

“Everyone is familiar with the challenges of holiday travel, jam-packed family time and the busy shopping season,” … Read more

Octoberfest in Bavaria

October is wonderful time of year. Football, changing leaves, halloween and in Barvia it means Octoberfest. To Bavarians, this is a festival of hearty food, good music and awesome beer.… Read more

How to Hide Booze at the Office

From Dethroner, comes this bit of sheer genius. What looks like some boring old boxes of copier paper, is really a beer fridge in disguise! That’s the type of ingenuity that a business should be proud of, I hope that guys got a promotion.

Neatorama wrote about this item as well and the Whiskey Hiding Binder, which certainly earns a place in the “hiding booze” category. Complete with shot glasses, this is my kind of … Read more

Sponsor Spotlight – Wine Tasting 103

Wine and food: there is no better pair. But what wine to pair with which tasty treat? WebEx and Copia want to help you solve this conundrum with the 3rd in their popular webinars: Wine Tasting 103 – Wine & Food Pairing – Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Taste!

Once again join Copia’s Senior VP of Wine (cool title!) Peter Marks on Wednesday, September 26 at 4 pm Pacific / 7 … Read more

Winetasting 102: Taste, Quality & Price

The second in Copia’s popular winetasting basics series comes to free to you from WebEx this Wednesday, August 29. This sequel to winetasting 101 explores the many variables that determine taste, quality and even the price of wines. Join us and Copia’s Peter Marks for this fun and educational seminar.

Enroll For: Winetasting 102: Taste, Quality & Price… Read more

This Week’s Drink – The Grizzly

Jason sends us this energy drink fueled concoction containing bourbon, brown ale, and lemonade. The Grizzly is not just a drink it is a meal. Be careful, a few of these and you be three sheets and wide awake. OK, maybe that ain’t so bad.


    1 oz bourbon
    2 oz lemonade or sour
    3 oz energy drink
    Fill with ice
    Top with beer (brown ale recommended )


Jason has been making these for … Read more

Winetasting 101 – July 25

One can’t live on cocktails alone; sometimes we drink wine!

In an effort to help our readers get up to speed in sampling the amazing grape, WebEx is hosting a Free Webinar “Winetasting 101 – Learn the Basics” on July 25th at 4 pm PST.

Hosted by Peter Marks MW, Senior Director of Wine and Food at Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, Winetasting 101 is a must-take course for any … Read more

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