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Dirty Blonde

We met Shaylin in Las Vegas at Pure during the Stella Artois Draught Masters Competition. She wanted share an Irish drink with all of us for the upcoming holiday, and since we met over Stella, it is only appropriate that we use her.… Read more

Stella Artois Draught Masters – Pure – Las Vegas

This competition pitted 12 Vegas bartenders in the art of preparing, pouring and serving the perfect Stella Artois. Held at Pure, a club in Caesars Palace, this was one of the best events we attended during our recent Vegas trip.

More on the Stella Artois Draught Master Competition.… Read more

Heineken BeerTender

From BoingBoing Gadgets, Joel Johnson gives us the run down on this home draft beer dispenser from Heineken.

From the pictures it looks great and serves bar quality drafts. Still at $300, bottles may work just as well for your next party.

Heineken BeerTender – Boing Boing Gadgets… Read more

Make St. Patrick’s Day An Official Holiday

This year, Guinness is taking the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day well beyond wearing green and pinching those who don’t. In response to overwhelming public sentiment, Guinness is supporting Proposition 3-17, a national movement to make St. Patrick’s Day an officially-recognized holiday.

The world’s most famous Irish stout aims to collect at least one million petitioned signatures by midnight on March 16; if successful, the Guinness Brewmaster will fly to Washington D.C. on St. Patrick’s … Read more

Cooking Chicken with Beer

We found this on Boing Boing, a diagram for the cooking chicken or duck in beer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go into cooking times or temperatures (it suggests a “small flame”). As long as you cook your poultry to 170 F, it should be just fine.

Chinese Diagram: Cooking chicken with beer [BoingBoing]… Read more

Trojan Horse

Robert from, which stands for “Guinness is Good for You,” sends us the Trojan Horse. A simple mixed drink of Guinness Stout and cola, this a popular summertime drink in the UK and Northern Ireland and is a great way to add some “refreshment” to your Guinness.


½ pint Guinness Stout
½ pint cola (Pepsi or Coke)


Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or beer mug. Top with the cola.… Read more

Beer Drinks from Tecate Light

How about some beer drinks? I certainly don’t post enough, so the folks at Tecate thought they would send us a few fun things to do with your beer. All of these concoctions are made with Tecate Light (duh, they sent me the recipes), which has just recently reached our shores. They all make me feel that summer MUST be around the corner, and that can’t be bad.

Tecate Mojito

To update this favorite drink, … Read more

Redneck Cat Carrier

What can we say? Big Jeff Foxworthy fans and it just kinda fits.

Moar funny pictures.… Read more

2007 – A Drinker’s Look Back

As we close the bar on 2007, I felt it appropriate to take a look back. Sure everyone does these lists, but it is fun to look at the year that was. I I figure, hey! why not?

So with out further ado, here are some of my favorites from 2007.


– Gin, The New Vodka?
– Super Bowl Cocktails
– Top 10 US Party Cities

– Suck & Blow
– Presidential … Read more

More New Holday Cocktails

We’ve been busy adding in a bunch of new holiday cocktails and punches for you to enjoy. So with out further ado…

First, we have two festive cocktails from Absolut Vodka that feature the new Absolut 100:

Seasons Blingings
Winter Breeze

Next, from Maker’s Mark, their special Hot Toddy recipe.

And, finally, and warm punch from Jacob’s Creek “Shira-la-la-la-az” Winter Warmer, an Australian twist on the European Mulled Wine tradition.… Read more

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