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101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

Sangrias, margaritas, and any other drinks you can make in large pitcher are a wonderful addition to a summer cocktail party or just a lazy summer afternoon.

101 Sangrias gives you new concoctions to try for many summers to come. We say get started now!

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Rioja Red Sangria

Sangria says summer. An easy, tasty treat for perfect for summertime BBQs and parties. The folks at Campo Viejo share one of their signature recipes.

Sangria officially came to the US for the first time at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The Spanish world area served this fruity wine punch to its visitors, and history was made!

Recipes typically mix wine, brandy, lemon or orange soda and fresh fruits, served over ice. It’s … Read more

America’s Most Sparkling City

[yellow tail] wines recently unveiled the top 10 nominees for “America’s Most Sparkling City,” a contest “designed to uncover the most animated, brilliant, lively and vivacious city in the United States,” said Mark Lyle, vice president of marketing for [yellow tail] wines. “We thought honoring the cities across the United States that make Americans feel the most ‘switched on’ would be a fun way to remind them to ‘always sparkle.’”

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Garden Creek Vineyards

On Saturday, I was invited to Garden Creek Vineyard to celebrate the release of their 2003 vintage. The family owned winery is one of the first fully-sustainable wineries in California. Our hosts Karin, Justin, Elsa, and Leif make some wonderful wine on this Alexander Valley Ranch. A setting so perfect, it almost makes me want to leave the city. Almost.

Karin tells us a bit more about the wine. Press Play.

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Michigan Bans Beer with Hair Cuts

What is this world coming to? Michigan State Attorney General hath decreed that barbers may not serve a courtesy beer to their clients for concomitant consumption without a license to serve liquor. Are you kidding me? Says the bartender, I mean barber, Thomas Martin,

“Offering a complimentary beer is not something that we created; it’s an old-fashioned service that was done years ago. We just brought it back with the other old-fashioned services that we

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Beer Drinkers? Bigger Brains!

A study conducted by Gottingen University in Germany shows that the hippocampus shrinks less for drinkers of beer than wine or the hard stuff:

The groundbreaking study shows that the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in memory, spatial tasks and many other functions, was more than 10 per cent smaller in those whose tipple was wine than in those who favored beer.

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Guinness Cupcakes

Gena at Big City, Little Kitchen, made this variation of a Nigella Lawson recipe. The addition of a cup of Guinness not just makes these cakes perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, it makes them tasty too!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today everyone is Irish! Grab a green beer, a shot of Irish Whiskey and don something green.

Check out the official St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin. Jameson is throwing a world wide party. See where to go in your town Jameson 360.

Irish whiskey reviews

Jameson 12
Tullamore Dew

A few St. Patrick’s Day Facts and Toasts. And just for kicks, learn how to fold a dollar bill into a shamrock.

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Tommy’s Joynt – San Francisco

Tommy’s Joynt at the corner of Geary & Van Ness has been a favorite of mine for years. As a kid, I insisted in coming here to savor the homey feel, knickknacks covering the place and sumptuous Hofbrau fare. No that I am of age, I can also enjoy their beer menu that contains hundred of beers from all over the world and of course, a full bar. All this and great prices. Mmm. Did … Read more

The Bass Brolly for a Perfect Black & Tan

This St. Patrick’s Day, make the perfect Black & Tan with your very own Brolly from Bass Ale. What is it? The Brolly, a British term for umbrella, is a triangular piece of metal with holes punched around the perimeter and 3 arms for packing atop your beer glass. Using this instead of the unreliable spoon back will result in a perfect Black & Tan every time. Best of all the Brolly is free on … Read more

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