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Winter Wonderland

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Twelve Days of Christmas Drinks – Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Two Carmel Turtle Doves

1oz. Amaretto
1oz. Baileys Irish Cream
1oz. Tia Maria
2oz. Heavy Cream

Pour Amaretto, Baileys,Tia Maria into ice filled glass, top with cream, stir.… Read more

Easy Drinks for Thanksgiving!

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After a long day of cooking, basting, stuffing, fluffing, football-watching, cranberry-tasting, pie-baking and merriment-making, I can’t think of anything that would better punctuate an amazing Thanksgiving Day better than a nice strong cocktail.

After exhibiting such culinary excellence I think you’ve earned the reward of a refreshing beverage! Here are five rich, rewarding and effortless beverages perfect for a fine evening of reflection upon everything you’re thankful for:

Baileys Pumpkin Pie: Baileys Irish Cream and … Read more

Irish Monkey

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Baileys Rose

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Courtesy of Baileys Original Irish Cream.… Read more

Berry Thankful

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Courtesy of Baileys Original Irish Cream.… Read more

Oatmeal Cookie

Grandma’s secret recipe!… Read more

Baileys Red Carpetini

Courtesey of Baileys.… Read more


This classic shooter is smoother than mud, and much cleaner to drink.… Read more

Rum Yum

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