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Cranberry Cocktails For the Holidays

post iconThanksgiving is around the corner, and plan on celebrating without a cocktail, don’t you? …Read More

DIY Apple-Vanilla Bourbon

post iconIt’s Fall, dammit! Time to get cozy with some autumnal booze.

The great thing about this simple apple-vanilla bourbon is that it’s so flexible: You can drink it alone, in a Manhattan or in a new creation of your own. …Read More

Hey, Fig Spender

post iconHey, Fig Spender! A DIY cocktail with a sophisticated flair …Read More

Harvest Highball

Autumn is my favorite season. The weather is mild but not yet cold. Nature changes colors. And it’s time for apple drinks!

The Harvest Highball uses apple cider, ginger liqueur, rye whiskey, and just a touch of cinnamon. It is a crisp, dry cocktail with an apple overtone and a ginger kick. The cinnamon and apple mixed just enough to make me think of fresh baked apple pie.