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Amaretto Sour

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Alabama Slammer

Sweet home, Alabama!… Read more

The Prickly Margarita

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Courtesy of Cabo Wabo Tequila.… Read more

Pear-Way to Heaven

Courtesy of Absolut Vodka.… Read more

Root Beer Floatini

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I chose this drink more for the idea rather than practicality. Made with Three Olives Root Beer Vodka, this week’s cocktail promises every child’s delight – a root beer float. To pull this drink off the ice cream needs to be rock hard, otherwise it kinda melts into the drink. All the other other ingredients need to be super chilled as well. This a perfect drink for one of those Vegas ice bars.

Three Olives … Read more

Crown Royal Derby Drinks

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Crown Royal participates in Derby Weekend by sponsoring the Crown Royal American Turf Stakes since 1995. The race, a 1�-mile race for three-year-old horses, runs just prior to the Kentucky Oaks at Churchill Downs.

Crown Royal created these race-inspired drinks, the Crown of Roses and the Royal Stretch, to celebrate the spirit of the sport. The Crown of Roses� deep color is inspired by the garland of roses presented in victory circleto … Read more

Vodka Ice Cream Soda

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Born from the glaciers of Iceland IS Vodka (pronounced “ice”) is a beautiful blend of European wheat and pure esker water distilled seven times to create one of the most smooth and drinkable wheat vodka’s I’ve tasted. While I generally enjoy my vodka in martini form sans vermouth, and yes, this one works great, try this cocktail as it truly brings out the clean flavor of this premium vodka. IS Vodka is distilled in Hertfordshire, … Read more

Smashing Pumpkin Martini

Created by Felix Albano of Fifty Seven Fifty Seven, NYC.… Read more

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