Sponsor Spotlight – Wine Library TV

wlnewlogo.gifMy first experience with Wine Library and Gary Vaynerchuk, its energetic Director of Operations, was on a snowy Friday afternoon just before St. Patrick’s Day. I made my way to Penn Station and onto the first train to Seacaucus, New Jersey. My associate met me there and we finished the rest of our journey to the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ. The impressive structure is truly a monument to the enjoyment of wines from all over the world. Additionally, the store has a large selection of spirits and gourmet foods. Not being from New Jersey, it was hard to judge price (one thing we get here in CA in cheap booze); however, my associate was very pleased by the selection and prices. He was very pleased the with two bottles of Tequila he picked up after our meeting.

Wine Library is a family run operation that has capitalized on the internet to expand it’s business and passion for wine. Gary, A life long wine enthusiast, has led this effort by hosting the popular Web Video Series “Wine Library TV.” In the latest episode, Gary walks us through 4 different types on pinot noir. Yum! Watch it below.

Gary’s passion and deep knowledge of the topic makes each show informational and fun to watch. In over 200 episodes, Vaynerchuck has tasted everything from Trader Joe’s 2 Buck Chuck to Wine Library TV.

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