Secret Binoculars Flask

secret binoculars flask During tough economic times, the ability to sneak booze from home when going out is crucial. And the makers of the secret binoculars flask are here to help!

With two 8 ounce chambers, you can bring two different kinds of hooch to the nose-bleed section at baseball games, the opera, Jimmy Buffet concerts — anywhere drunkenness is preferable and binoculars are not a really strange thing for you to be carrying around.

So whether you’re a birdwatcher who likes to party on the sly or a sports fan who likes to save money, the secret binoculars flask could be just what you need.

Secret Binoculars Flask


  1. by Hip Flask, March 16th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Nice idea, and I really like that you can put two different “liquids” in the binoculars. Great for picky couples.