Save the Bartenders

williamwindom-bartender2.jpgThis post from Gothamist hits close to home. I started this site many years ago to get away from the dreaded Gin & Tonic. Not that there is any wrong with the simplicity of the gin, vodka, whiskey, tonic, soda combinations, they are efficient but let’s face it, boring.

Yes, this is the year of the cocktail and there are quite a few gourmet bartenders popping up in upscale bars, but still the ease of these drinks make them the favorite of both bartenders and patrons alike. However, there are many other very easy, simple cocktails to add a little variety to both ours’ and our bartenders’ life. Here is a sampling of the what you can order instead:

Vodka and tonic drinker, try:

Moscow Mule — vodka, lime juice, ginger-ale
Salty Dog — vodka, grapefruit juice, ginger-ale, sparkling lemonade

Gin and tonic drinker, try:

Gimlet — gin, lime juice
White Lady — gin, Cointreau, lemon juice

Whiskey and soda drinker, try:

Manhattan — rye whiskey, dry and sweet vermouth
Mint Julep — bourbon, sugar, mint leaves

See the whole list @ Gothamist: Save the Bartenders.

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