Sauza ‘Margarita-in-a-Box’

margaritainabox.jpgFifteen margaritas for $18? Not bad. Sauza is introducing its “Margarita-in-a-box,” hoping that the home-bartending trend will expand to include pre-mixed cocktails. Sauza says this will be the first boxed margarita with real tequila on the market.

The Wall Street Journal notes that two other major liquor companies plan to release pre-mixed cocktails this summer, suggesting that perhaps distillers are hedging their bets.

The artisan cocktail movement has thrived in bars and at home during recession, is the convenience at-home market just the next logical step?

Pre-mixed cocktails are nothing new — from Sex on a Beach in a can to Mike’s Hard Lemonade. But it seems like liquor companies may be trying to appeal to the more picky cocktail enthusiast who doesn’t want to pay bar prices but also doesn’t want to be a “mixologist.”

Call me biased, but nothing beats a freshly-mixed cocktail.

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