Ron del Barrilito Puerto Rican Rum Review

Ron de Barrilito Puerto Rican RumSome friends went to Puerto Rico and brought back some Ron del Barrilito rum.

I wouldn’t normally consider rum a sipping drink and instead normally use it in cocktails. However, this rum has a unique sweet flavor (from the molasses) and smooth taste that makes it a pleasure to drink on its own.

The brown sugar nose and layered taste mean that instead of a flat, sweet flavor you get a complex liquor that slowly builds in sweetness and ends with a hint of citrus.

While going to Puerto Rico to get it sounds wonderful, you can order it online.


  1. by Randy G, June 23rd, 2009 at 12:02 am

    Barrilito rum is outstanding. The way to drink it………..squeeze one fresh lime into a glass, and pour two shots of Barrilito into the glass. Sip and enjoy…………….