This new/old man born of Hollywood includes Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and Jim Belushi among alpha-male, anti-metrosexual stars. What does this have to do with cocktails? Everything…

According to MSNBC, a “‘retrosexual’ is a manly man, an alpha male who may have the physique of a Shar-Pei dog (a little wrinkly and flabby, yet endearing), the manners of a 5-year-old (the kind who makes armpit farting noises at the dinner table) and the ability to pull you in for a hot, sweaty kiss and then go right out and fix your darn car.”

This is also the kind of guy that drinks beer, scotch and smokes cigars. They even drink Martinis!

These are my people. I am a retrosexual (except for fixing your car, although I can change a tire).