Responsible Drinking

Drink of the Week supports responsible drinking.

Alcohol abuse and underage drinking are a serious problems and Drink of the Week does not condone either. We hope you will enjoy our recipes safely and responsibly.

Do not drink and drive.

Two-thirds of all Americans drink alcoholic beverages. Most of these individuals don’t misuse alcohol. Nevertheless, 9 million US men and women are abusers. Since drinking patterns vary among people, abuse must be judged in terms of the individual. Precaution should be taken by each and every drinker not to fall victim to the bottle.

How can you tell if you have a drinking problem?

Drinking becomes a problem when it is associated repeatedly with psychological, physical or social difficulties.

Behavior patterns may be warning signs of misuse. If the day is frequently begun with a drink, if a drink is needed to perform at work, if friends or relatives complain about drinking, or if unusual events (such as memory losses or reckless behavior) occur while drinking, it may be time to seek professional advice.

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