Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon Review

Red Stag is a black cherry bourbon by Jim Beam that just hit the market this month.

I’ll admit that I was hesitant about the idea of a flavored bourbon, as I am quite protective of the spirit and didn’t want it to get the cough-syrup treatment.

However, this bourbon was a pleasant surprise.

It smells like real cherries with a backdrop of oak. It does have a sweet flavor, but that is balanced by the whiskey kick.

This is smooth enough to drink straight and a great introduction to the spirit for those who have yet to discover the joys of bourbon.

It is quite mellow and lets the natural black cherry flavors compliment rather than overpower. Rumor has it that this was developed by the guys at the distillery for their own pleasure before it became a commercial offering. I can imagine them shooting the breeze while downing some of this on the rocks.
At under $20, it’s a fair price for a quality spirit.

A Manhattan is a great way to use this bourbon. Here’s a recipe:

Red Stag Manhattan


2 parts Red Stag
½ part dry vermouth
½ part sweet vermouth


Pour contents over ice in cocktail shaker, then shake gently. Strain into rocks or martini glass. Garnish with black cherry (naturally).

Red Stag

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