Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin Review

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Holland’s Nolet Family, makers of Ketel One Vodka, recently introduced a line new gin to America. The Nolet’s are no stranger to gin, having made the spirit since 1691 in their Schiedam, Holland distillery. The line, know as Nolet’s Finest comes in a Silver, geared for cocktails, and a Reserve, which is meant for sipping.

The gin base for Nolet’s Silver is distilled over select gin botanicals using small copper pot stills. The gin’s botanicals are individually distilled or macerated in a pot still specially designed to yield the highest concentration and purity of the all-natural flavors and aromas. The gins base and botanical extracts are then married and allowed to rest in order to achieve a perfect balance of flavors and aromas.

The result is an incredibly clean aromatic spirit. It’s scent is not a heavy Juniper, rather notes of rose come through. On the Tongue, Nolet’s Silver is quite fruity for a gin with lots of citrus and even a bit of peach flavors. Perfect for an ice cold martini with a dash or orange bitters. At 95.2 proof it also carries quite a punch.

The bottle is also quite impressive, tall, green with the Nolet Family Crest embedded in the cap and engraved on the sides. Nolet’s Silver Gin is available in the US for about $50.

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