Moon Mountain Vodka Review

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Moon Mountain is a new entrant in the field of organic vodkas. Created by Master Distiller Gerry Webb, Moon Mountain is made in a small batch (3000 gallons) copper pot still, not the continuous column stills used to produce most vodkas these days. The copper pot still gives the vodka some body. The still in question is 80 years old and was used to make Gin for most of its life, which gives Moon Mountain additional character. Gerry designed this vodka to be versatile; it can go with any cocktail. Made in Kentucky, Moon Mountain uses some of the same water as our beloved bourbon and corn from Minnesota and Iowa.

This is a very subtle spirit, by design. On the nose you get touches of honey and grain. On the tongue you get touches of honey once again and that is about it, very little burn, very little heat. Just a nice smooth vodka.

The name is an homage to the Moon Mountain Winery in Sonoma, which appears on the label. The bottle reminiscent of a wine bottle. It looks more like a water bottle to us, but who are we to judge. It’s what is inside that matters and Moon Mountain is a very good vodka.

Moon Mountain is rolling out for around $20 per bottle depending on you location. At that price, being green is easy and fun!

Moon Mountain Vodka

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