Mayahuel: Agave-Lovers Paradise

I was doing some research on tequila and mezcal, and one bar was consistently mentioned with raves: Mayahuel in New York.

Tequila has often gotten a bad rap, due to its associations with spring break, hangovers, and the whole “eat the worm” thing. But it’s a very versatile spirit, as is its often-ignored cousin mezcal.

Mayahuel bartender Phil Ward loves the agave spirits, as evidenced by this great quote from his interview with BlackBook:

But it’s right back to that first part; the first tequila that was imported to the country was garbage because they knew that people would drink anything because they wanted to get drunk. And then for a long time, up until…maybe even ten years ago…most of the tequila people were drinking was like Jose Cuervo, which wasn’t even a representation of 100% blue agave tequila. So it was really a misunderstood spirit. I almost wanted to call this place was “La Verdad,” “The Truth,” because tequila and mezcal were so misunderstood by people, and we’re here to teach them.

I’m definitely heading over there on my next trip to NYC … to try the “Italian Inquisition,” which includes mole bitters, blood orange liqueur, and reposado tequila. Yes, please!


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Photo by BlackBook Magazine.

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