Maker’s Mark, the Green Whiskey?

maker's markInhabitat has an interesting post about Maker’s Mark.

With all the attention smaller, boutique spirits makers have garnered for “green” offerings, a nationally distributed “corporate” brand surprises us all by using locally sourced grain and engaging in many other sustainability initiatives.

I was also surprised to learn that the Maker’s Mark Distillery functions on less than 200 of its 620 acres of land. The remaining land is operated as a nature preserve, where Maker’s Mark houses its own Arboretum of Kentucky native species on-site.

But what makes Maker’s Mark truly unique is its energy production facility that recycles the byproducts of the distillation process. Developed by Ecovation, the system takes the grain and water mix that is produced during distillation and recycles or uses it to generate renewable energy.

IS IT GREEN? Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey @ Inhabitat

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