Lunazul Tequila

Lunazul Tequila is a smooth, 100% blue agave tequila that tastes more expensive than it is.

Lunzaul Blanco

In general, the blanco variety of tequila can sometimes be too harsh, if not done well. However, Lunazul Blanco is very smooth while still possessing a little heat.

It has a strong agave nose (which is a good thing) with a hint of fruitiness. There’s a mild floral taste accompanied by a hint of pepper and citrus. It’s extremely pleasant with a lingering agave taste at the end.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Lunazul Blanco. It would make a mean margarita, especially the kind made with agave syrup instead of triple sec.

Lunazul Reposado

The Lunazul Reposado has a clean agave nose, like the blanco, with an added spiciness like mild cinnamon.

It has a lovely grassy undertone with some orange and nutty notes. There’s a bit more of a kick to this one than I was expecting, since the blanco was so smooth.

But it has a nice velvety mouthfeel and mineral finish that leaves your palate feeling clean and ready for more.


Both Lunazul offerings were outstanding and far above average. I’d highly recommend either! I think the Blanco is more remarkable, especially compared with other blanco offerings at this same $20-$25 price. However, the reposado is a strong product that can definitely hold its own. It’s just not as unique in the whole field of $40-$45 reposado tequilas as the blanco is, in my opinion.

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