Last, Last-Minute Boozy Gifts Ideas

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It’s down to the wire for holiday shopping, we’ve made it easy with these simple selections.

Highland Park 25

Recently named in the top 15 of spirits authority F. Paul Pacult’s “Best Spirits in the World” in the Scotch Whisky category, Highland Park 25 Years Old ($274.99) is a phenomenal whisky with a rich amber glow and an unmistakable taste of smokiness coupled with heather honey and a hint of peat. The remarkable complexity of this whisky is due in part to the fact that half of it is matured in first fill Sherry casks, generally used sparingly in the industry.

Highland Park make as wonderful range of whiskeys, see more about Highland Park.

Benedictine 500th Anniversary Bottle

Concocted by a Benedictine monk at the magnificent Abbey in Fécamp, Normandy, in 1510, this storied French liqueur celebrates this magnificent milestone and to pay tribute to its original creator, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, with an exclusive, limited-edition bottle.

Dom Bernardo Vincelli passed his secret recipe down through his successors until 1789 when the chaos and destruction of the French Revolution forced the Benedictine monks to flee the Abbey at Fécamp. The lost recipe was later rediscovered in 1863 by a wealthy wine merchant and medieval art collector, Alexandre Le Grand. Le Grand consecrated the monk’s secret recipe as “D.O.M. Benedictine” – the D.O.M. short for the Latin phrase “Deo Optimo Maximo” or “To God, Most God, Most Great.” He designed and erected the Palais Benedictine close to the site of the original Abbey in Fécamp, a lasting tribute to the genius of the Benedictine monks who dedicated their lives to spirited enlightenment.

The bottle’s gilded script represents the medieval science of alchemy, characteristic of the spirit of discovery and invention that define the liquid inside. Although the quest to turn base metals into gold would prove fruitless, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, the creator of Benedictine, was successful in transforming a blend of 27 different herbs and spices into a unique elixir that has stood the test of time, enlivening the palate of many generations of aficionados. The bottle’s majestic gold seal, the coat of arms of the Fécamp abbey, is a tribute to Vincelli who lived in the abbey when he created the elixir that would later become known as Benedictine

The Benedictine Limited Edition bottle is available at fine spirits retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $31.99.

Johnnie Walker Blended Scotches

They have something for everyone:

  • Johnnie Walker Red Label ($23, 750 ml) – perfect for the 20 something on your list. Meant to mix, it’s the life of the party. 
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label ($34,750 ml) – a blend of 12 year elegance is perfect for a co-worker or your brother-in-law (maybe).
  • Johnnie Walker Green Label ($60, 750 ml) – This blend of 15-year-old pure malts will certainly keep the boss merry. 
  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label ($85, 750 ml): We love this for the ladies in you life and your brother too. Even Mom will love the “Champagne of Whisky”
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label ($220, 750 ml): For best friends, brothers, father and grandfathers.

Check out our review of the Johnnie Walker portfolio.

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