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5 Beer-based cocktails from around the world
By Carly Wray

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Here’s how the saying should go: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then pour it in your beer.” After doing so, you’ll have joined the grand Shandy-esque tradition of spiking lager with a citrus mixture, a combo meant to lighten up the drink’s alcohol content and refreshment factor. (One thing it will not lighten up is the attitude of devoted beer geeks — don’t try this one in the company of a connoisseur.)

If you enjoy the blend, you’ll be in strong international company, as nearly every country has a Shandy variation in its alcohol annals. In Germany, pilsner plus lemon-lime soda gets you a Radler; add grenadine and you’ve got France’s Monaco cocktail.

Sanding off the edges of a beer with a non-alcoholic mixer — especially if it’s carbonated — also makes Shandy a viable morning-after hangover cure. Consider it the hair of a very good-natured dog.

In addition to the classic Black Velvet cocktail and the Boilermaker, here are some popular options for blending your favorite brew.

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