Knob Creek 9 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Named after a little creek that ran by Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home, Knob Creek was created by Booker Noe, grandson of James Beam and sixth generation Master Distiller. Booker wanted to create a Super-Premium bourbon in the pre-prohibition style.

Knob Creek is a traditional bourbon with approx 70% corn and equal parts wheat and rye.  It is aged for 9 years in 4-charred oak barrels and made in small batches.  This process provides a sweet corn notes and a full bodied flavor (versus the spiciness or floral quality of rye forward or softness of wheated, like Maker’s Mark).

The bottle is made to resemble a bootlegger’s flask and the handmade look harkens back to the old custom of wrapping bottles in newspaper at the distillery.

Appearance:  Clear, medium brown with golden highlights and viscous legs

Nose:  Clean, medium, soft aromas of corn, wheat, brown sugar, vanilla, hazelnuts, walnut, English toffee, chocolate

Palate:  Dry, well integrated alcohol with velvety texture, medium intensity of corn, grain, brown sugar, vanilla, walnut, English toffee, caramel, black pepper, cinnamon and oak.  Medium plus smooth finish with lingering cereal notes.

Rating:  Very good to excellent.  Great display of classic bourbon recipe (heavily corn) with beautifully integrated wood notes.  Good for sipping and cocktail making.

Suggested retail price: $30.99 for a 750ml

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