International Cachaca Day

Today June 12th, marks the anniversary of a tragedy committed over 250 years ago.

In 1744, the Portuguese Crown declared that the production, distribution, and sale of cachaça, Brazil’s noble spirit, would be illegal in the Portuguese Colony of Brazil. Fortunately for us all, the Brazilians rebelled and the virtues of cachaça won.

Still over 250 years later, cachaça, is still being tortured. Why, in many countries, including here in the United States, cachaça is recognized officially as Brazilian Rum. Not cachaça. cachaça was invented nearly five hundred years ago in Brazil, in the early 1500’s, 100 years before its Caribbean cousin, Rum.

Cachaça is not Rum. cachaça is made from Fresh Cane Juice and cachaça can only come from Brazil. Run is made from molasses and can be made anywhere.

As the Third Most Consumed Spirit in the world, and the key ingredient to Brazil’s National Cocktail, the Caipirinha, we believe cachaça deserves to be recognized as just that: cachaça, and not Brazilian rum.

Now the good folks at Leblon Cachaca want you to join in the fight on International Cachaça Day, today June 12th, to recognize cachaça’s true place in our hearts, on our minds and at our bars. Join us in cities around the world to show your support for this critical cause: Recognize cachaça. Brazil’s Noble Spirit.

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