How Long Does Liquor Last?


Q: My sister gave me several bottles of Seagram’s VO. The tax seal says it was put on in 1982. It is still sealed, and the bottles says its 6 years old, that would make the whiskey 30 years old. How good is this whiskey? Is it drinkable?
Jim G

A: Sealed bottles of whiskey and other spirits should last indefinitely when still sealed. Unlike wine, however, liquor does not age in the bottle, so a six yea whiskey is still a six year. Is it drinkable? As long as it was stored in a suitable fashion, it should be fine. Seagram’s VO is a decent blended whiskey and probably best mixed with Coke or Ginger Ale.

Author’s sidebar:
What’s with the black and yellow ribbon around the neck of every bottle of Seagram’s VO? The Broufman Family decided to honor their thoroughbred stables by putting it’s racing color on every bottle. [via]

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