Hangover Helper: The Combo Cure


This comes from Lon, a reader who uses this regimen to heal the hurt.

“Here is a true hangover combo cure.

This cure is drunk and eaten in several morning stages as follows:

If you awake during the night, or when you awake in the morning drink bottled water and sparkling water. Take bites and chew on a sugar-free popsicle (grape-flavored is my favorite).

Drink 3-parts cranberry juice/1-part orange juice (not from concentrate) on ice.

Here’s the best part of all: kimchee and steamed white rice.

An Asian friend of mine from San Francisco had a saying after a night of partying and cocktails, “I want kimchee; I want rice..” Trust me, I tried it, and it really does work.

Wait a bit, and have a coffee with toast.

It’s not complicated at all but follow these steps, even alternate consumption of what I have suggested will work. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with your on line visitors, and with your fantastic website.”

Thanks again, Lon.

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