Hangover Helper – Mexican Food & Red Beers

menudo.jpgThis comes from reader Antoinette.

Food: Spicy homemade green pork chile or, if you can handle it, Mexican stew with hominy/tripe. If not, posole (Mexican stew with hominy/pork). Both with lots of hot crushed red pepper, diced onion, oregano and a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy with tortillas. MMM.

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food! It does the trick every time!

Drink: Similar to the bloody mary, but with beer… RED BEERS! Made with Clamato (or a spicy V8 & your favorite beer, Tabasco, salt, pepper and a lemon garnish. Squeeze lemon into drink.

She and her drinking buddies swear by it. According to Antoinette this has worked on MANY occasions.

Try it!

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