Gifts For The Last Minute Shopper

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The holidays are upon us and almost over. We have come up with lists of wine, booze and books to buy friends and foes for the holidays. In you are in need of last minute gifts, check out our recommendations.

When money is no object and your friend has it all, check out the wines on Wine Lists To Make Santa Cry.

If you want a great wine but don’t want to break the bank, check out the wines on Wines To Gift Without Breaking The Bank.

If you need to take a great wine to pair with the Christmas ham (or just to impress), check out Five Strange Sparklers for Christmas.

Even though this article was written to help you buy something for your boss, it would be perfect for anyone in your life. Check out Top Booze To Buy Your Boss.

For great booze at great prices, check out Five Bottles To Buy Your Co-Workers.

If the recipient of your gift giving largesse tends to be more literary, check out our book suggestions at Cocktail Reads To Gift For The Holidays.

Finally, if your friend or loved one loves to cook or try new recipes, try our suggestions at Cooktail Books To Give For The Holidays.

Lastly, we know we are biased, but we think the best booze related gift of all is DOTW’s very own book DIY Cocktails!

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