Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a Father’s Day gift that is both thoughtful and quick?

These picks are unique liquors that stand out among other spirits of the same type. What better way to show Dad that you think he’s one of a kind.

I’ve included multiple price ranges, but these were chosen for their taste and not their price tag.

Here are a few liquor picks for the discerning Dad on your gift-shopping list:

Single-Malt Scotch:
Aberlour A’Bunadh

This scotch combines warmth with spiced honey flavors and a citrus finish. It’s an unusual scotch aged in Sherry casks, which the distillery says is how it was done in the old days. Price seems to vary, depending on where you buy it. Expect a $60-$70 price tag.

TRU2 Organic Gin

Boasting more than just an “organic” moniker, this gin goes through only one distillation to hang on to the flavor of the 14 botanicals used in its making. But it’s not a flavored gin. The botanicals impart a strong character without losing the smoothness that marks a high-quality gin. If Dad likes a gin martini, this will make him smile. And at about $25, it tastes more expensive than it is.

Red Stag

If Pops is a Jim Beam loyalist, he’ll enjoy the distiller’s latest offering called Red Stag. It has all the flavors he’s come to love in his bourbon, but with a black cherry twist. It’s something different mixed with something traditional and familiar. It’ll run you about $19.

Etude Merlot

This wine is impressive. Any red wine lover can appreciate the rich plum and berry flavors and delicate mouthfeel of this luxurious wine. At $30, it’s a steal. This is a special-occasion wine that will make Dad proud.

Dos Lunas

This isn’t spring-break tequila. It’s a smooth, gentleman’s tequila. The silver and reposado both exhibit the silky quality that separates fine 100% agave tequila from the stuff you need to drink as fast as you can. So sit and sip some with your father for some bonding time. Depending on which you buy, expect to pay $45-$65.

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