Father’s Day Food & Drink recipes

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Celebrate Father’s Day by eating and drinking … with Dad, of course!

Here are some recommendations for food and drink to help you say, “Thanks for being my Dad!” After all, he doesn’t need another tie or coffee mug.


  • Manhattan or Martini — Traditional, strong and the best! If that sounds like your father, one of these may be the drink for him. Garnish with easy homemade cocktail cherries!
  • Blood & Sand — Scotch with OJ, vermouth and Cherry Heering … sounds like a disaster until you taste it and realize it’s genius.
  • Backyard Barbecue Michelada — Fancy up that beer and enjoy the weather with this beer cocktail by Jim Meehan of PDT.
  • The Happy Dad — Mix him a creative yet simple mixed drink and let him relax.


Best gift idea ever for your Dad? A copy of DIY Cocktails!

Photo courtesy of Neeta Lind.

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