Etude 2005 Merlot

etude2005merlot.jpgThe movie Sideways maligned merlot and praised pinot noir — and that had a very real effect on the wine market for the last few years.

So it’s funny that one of the best California merlot producers is a winery known for its remarkable pinot noir.

Etude Winery out of the Sonoma Valley is a maker of rich and luxurious wines. As an estate winery, they grow all their own grapes and are a firm believer in the qualities the soil imparts to their wines.

Every wine on their list tastes super expensive, but not all of them are. For instance, the 2005 Etude Merlot is under $30 though it tastes like it could go for $60.

Rich plum and berry flavors compliment the soft mouthfeel. It starts out mild and builds in your mouth to a balanced finish. It’s perfect for a romantic evening by the fire or a dinner party for the whole group.

You’re safe buying any wine from their list. But this merlot is really a bargain at this price and will make any special occasion a success.

Etude Winery

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