Essential Glassware – Cordial Glass

Nothing screams elegance like the cordial glass. If it isn’t already an essential part of your barware collection, it will soon be. I love dessert. The only thing that I may like as much as dessert is after-dinner drinks. Not only are they delicious, they look totally cool in the cordial glass that they are often served in.

The cordial glass can be short or tall but its unifying trait is that the bowl of the glass is small, generally holding between one (1) and four (4) ounces. Cordial glasses can be simple or ornate. They can be clear or colored. But cordial glasses are always distinctive.

When using the cordial glass, it’s often customary to fill the glass half full (especially if the glass contains a larger bowl). The cordial glasses are used to serve after dinner drinks from the simplicity of serving a cordial (like Baileys Irish Cream or Frangelico) to more complicated drinks like the grasshopper or pink Cadillac. Cordial glasses are also used to serve appertifs (before dinner drinks), like Lillet or Campari. The cordial glass gives a host the perfect excuse to serve his or her favorite after-dinner drink.

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