Whiskey Recipes

Dizzy Lizzie

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Dublin Cocktail

Our St. Patrick’s Day twist on the Manhattan!… Read more

Orange Bourbon Press

2 oz. Bourbon
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier
Soda water
Ginger ale
An orange slice

In an Old Fashioned glass, muddle the orange slice (remove the rind and set it aside to be used as the garnish) and a splash of soda water. Add bourbon and Grand Marnier. Stir. Add ice and top with equal parts soda water and ginger ale. Stir.

Garnish with an orange twist.

Thanks Jon!
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Highland Fling

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The Grizzly

Jason has been making these for years. He says people don’t take to verbal presentation, but demand more once consumed. Thanks, Jason!… Read more

Brown Derby Cocktail

From the famous Hollywood Eatery.… Read more

The Boothby

Created in 1908 to honor William Boothby, legendary San Francisco Bartender. This version was adapted by Eric Castro and Neyah White.

Voodoo Daiquiri

It’ll put a spell on you! Courtesy of Lafitte’s Olde Blacksmith Shop Bar, Bourbon Street, New Orleans.… Read more

Red Snapper

A friend from the North!… Read more

Peach Scotch Smash

Smashing up some peaches and adding a little booze makes for a damn fine drink! This simple recipe is light enough for summer but has a great whiskey kick.

This recipe uses a mellow blended scotch, but Canadian or Irish whiskey would also work well.… Read more