Drink Recipes

Algonquin Cocktail

The drink that fueled the New Yorker… Read more


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Absolut Relief

Recipe courtesy of Absolut Vodka.… Read more

Absolut Pleasure

Recipe courtesy of Absolut Vodka.… Read more


Great for hangovers. Sounds horrible, tastes amazing!… Read more


Courtesy of Rémy Martin.… Read more

American Beauty Shot

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The Jeweler

Reader DJ High Def sends us “The Jeweler.” This combo of silver and gold tequilas is quite a gem.… Read more

Mr. Big

Sex and the City isn’t all about the girls. Cinzano made sure that us guys were not forgotten in all the excitement around the fab four. Courtesy of Cinzano.… Read more

Jimmy Russell’s Mint Julep

I had the pleasure to meet Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell at this past Fall’s whiskeyfest. Jimmy is a true legend in bourbon distilling, having been at it for 54 years. One thing Jimmy has learned in his years is that the perfect cocktail for the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. 

With 54 Derbies under his belt, Russell’s Julep has been precisely refined. He uses his higher proof of Wild Turkey 101, which … Read more