Drink Recipes

Amore Appletini

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Absolut Wonder

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Under the Volcano Martini

Harry Denton’s special martini—it’s explosive!… Read more

Three Amigos

Three Amigos con Herradura consists of a shot glass of fresh lime juice, a shot glass of premium Tequila Herradura and a shot glass of fresh and flavorful sangrita. (Sangrita is a traditional accompaniment to tequila. While there are many recipes for Sangrita, most contain tomato juice, lime juice, chili sauce, pureed onions and salt).… Read more

The Last “F” You

Reader Johnny says, “It should be consumed rapidly (think taking a shot) as the hot sauce will make you want to stop drinking it.” Thanks, Johnny!… Read more

Tequila Sunrise

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Tequila Cocktail

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Shady Lady

She’s tall. She’s cool. She’s green. A vixen in a collins glass!… Read more


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