Liqueur Recipes

Kahlúa Cryptini

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Blue Moon

Blue Moon, sophisticated and old-fashioned with a light floral aroma

Blooming Fizz

Beat the heat with this summer chiller created by mixologist, Kim Haasarud, of Liquid Architecture. Elderflower liqueur is combined with lemon sorbet and Champagne for a bubbly, sweet treat with a bit of lemony pucker. Now, which way to the pool?

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The Dean’s Wife

She’s a tough one, Mrs. Wormer, and we loved the way she gives the lusty Otter a grilling in the produce section when she schools him on sensuous people and sensual vegetables. Though she may have initially feigned having little interest in Otter’s wares, her tune certainly changed when she shows up at the frat house later that night and insists, “Cut the crap. Give me a drink.” Hey, when your husband is the most … Read more


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Iced Mochaccino

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2010 marks the 150th anniversary of the Gaspare Campari’s creation of the bright red aperitif we all know and love today. To celebrate, Campari asked some of the world’s great mixologists to do there thing and create some amazing cocktails (using Campari, of course).

The Argonaut was created by San Francisco’s own cocktail geek, Marco Dionysos. Marco used pisco, an SF staple, and Campari as the base of this tall refreshing cocktail, the drink is … Read more


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Italian Coffee

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Fuzzy Navel

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