Liqueur Recipes

Pink Frost

With all the strawberries popping up, we thought it was time for a cool treat using this seasonal fruit. This dessert cocktail will be a refreshing addition to any Spring day. It’s like a white-chocolate-covered strawberry!… Read more

Jolly Rancher #1

You’ll feel like a kid again.… Read more

Jolly Rancher #2

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The Real Wedding Crasher

A cougar doesn’t need to wait for men to come to her so Kathleen Cleary marches into John’s room to demand he inspect her remodeled assets. After threatening to make John her prisoner, “Kitty Kat’s” game of cat and mouse pays off when she finally gets him to paw her. Though she gets what she wants—and cougars almost always do—she dismisses the groper as a “pervert.” Yes, it can be hard to spot a little … Read more

Pink Squirrel

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Toasted Almond

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Tidy Bowl

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The Shamrock-tini

Courtesy of Baileys Irish Cream.… Read more

Baileys Irish Ice

Courtesy of Baileys Irish Cream.… Read more

Midori Shamrock

Courtesy of Midori.… Read more

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