Drinkers Earn More

checkthis.gifIn a recent study, economists concluded that drinkers earn more than nondrinkers.


“Instead of earning less money than nondrinkers, drinkers earn more,” authors of the study, Bethany Peters and Edward Stringham, wrote. More specifically, the study found that workers who drank in a social setting earned more than those who tipped a glass at home.”

The study showed that drinking men earned 10% more than tee-totaling men. Women earned 14% more than their non-drinking sisters. Additionally, men who went to a bar at least once a month earned another 7%. Wow, I should be a millionaire by now.

Based on the notion of “Social Capital,” the study contends that that those who drink socially have an easier time getting jobs, have more contacts, and make longer-lasting bonds. All of these things, along with charisma and other characteristics can ultimately affect your salary.

So get drinking folks! We have a cocktail recipe just for you!

Happy hour for drinkers’ wages [CNN Money via SavvySugar]