Summer of Picasso

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This cocktail is duly named after its wonderful color scheme and also because of its many layers of flavors. The Ginger gives the Mezcal a perfect amount of spice, the strawberry cools it down and then the celery purée adds a wonderful green layer to the mix and what you have is a great Summer time cocktail.


  • 2oz Scorpion Silver Mezcal
  • .75oz Ginger Infused Sour Mix
  • .5oz Celery Purée
  • 1.25oz Strawberry purée
  • Garnish:
  • Celery Stick and Oversized lemon twist


Combine all ingredients into a small shaker cup, add 5 ice cubes and generously shake. Strain into martini glass and add celery stick and lemon twist garnishes. Sip and enjoy

Created by Mixologist Jason Walsh