Midnight Blue Margarita

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During this cold snap, I’ve found myself attracted to cocktails that remind me of warm weather. The Margarita is a quintessential sunny-day drink. This dark blue variation on that classic is a little sweeter and looks a lot more dramatic. You could use lime instead of lemon or use more lemon if you want it more tart. Photo by Jackson Stakeman.


  • 1.5 oz tequila blanco
  • .5 oz blue curacao
  • .75 oz blueberry syrup*
  • .5 oz meyer lemon juice


Shake ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, then serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with blueberries speared on a cocktail toothpick.

*Blueberry syrup
.5 cups water
.5 cups sugar
.5 cups blueberries

Bring ingredients to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool, then strain out blueberries.


  • JewelsSparkle

    The syrup recipe lists “.5 cups water” twice. Is that a typo or should it be 1 cup?

    • Marcia

      @JewelsSparkle Fixing that typo. It should be .5 cups water + .5 cups sugar. Thanks for catching that!

  • TheArdentEpicur

    Wow, that looks delightful…I have prepared blue martini’s before, and I am loving this :)

  • PostProhibition

    Wow, really like the color palette. Wonderful.

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